Halloween Movie - Jamie Lee Curtis guns

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Ya'll seen the trailers for this about to released? I saw one scene where she is unlocking a beautiful display case full of nice older wood/blued guns. Then toting a pump Winchester or Mossberg and a scene where she is practicing at the range and chasing Mikey with what looks like an older lever action big bore of some sort, possibly a Winchester.

As much as I hate to sit through slasher movies like this, I might chance it just for this reason. You don't see a modern day action movie much anymore that is not filled with exclusively black guns.
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yeah. Kind of interesting. Looked like she was cranking a what appears to be a Marlin 1894cb in one clip I saw. IMFDB will be fun to check out after this movie is "reviewed" by folks like us.
Every so many years Michael Myers comes back to the same house around Halloween.
Why not move when he is away? Just sayin...lolololol