Happy Birthday Early Riser!!



Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!

Larry I hope you had a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm still keepin' ya'll in my prayers........ :)

early riser

Thanks for all the wishes guys. We've been out of town spending as much private and personal time together the last week as we could. With her birthday being Nov 10th, our 32ond wedding anniversary being Nov 11th and my birthday Nov13th, all three important dates being only 4 days apart, we have been doing some celebrating and appreciating each other a lot more than the usual this last week.

Her health seems to be holding up well so far considering. It's the emotions that rise and fall regularly that are heart breaking right now. Even though we are into the chemo treatments, she hasn't shown any serious side effects other than some slight tireing. Too early to tell if the treatments are having any success. We will have some follow up scans just before Christmas that will tell us if any of the treatmenst are helping.

Thanks again for all the well wishes.

Happy late Birthday wishes Larry. I missed it being in the woods so I am sure you will cut me some slack.