Happy Birthday Greg-n-Clayton

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Happy birthday Greg, hope it is a good one, and hope that new leaf looking business you are starting works out well for you.


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Well happy birthday Greg!


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And one to grow on!


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Happy birthday Gregg
Happy Birthday to you, Greg !!! I hope that you are enjoying your special day too.


ps: I have already advised all of the future leaf-lookers to leave you alone...especially later this year !!!!!!
Happy birthday, Greg! :cheers:
Greg, it is 6:37 so Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Greg! Leaf lookin' season is just right around the corner now.:bounce::cool:
Happy birfday, Gregory...

how's bout gittin DOT to put another pipe in a spring on da side of 441, so them leaf lookers can stop and git a drank of cool,sweet water? We use to when I was a kid.