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I hunt right over the little tallapoosa river in Buchanan Ga. And i was wondering if anyone has had any luck out there this year or at least seen anything. Any information would be helpful.

Thanks, Devin H.


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Our place is North of Tallapoosa.
I have only sit a stand 5 times. Saw and could have taken deer twice and was busted or spooked deer the two times, snunked once. All sightings were does and fawns.


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Today, I saw a 12"-- 8 point this morning.

PM-- 4 mature does, 5 fawns, and a basket 6 point.

I heard alot of shots this morning, hope the two bucks I saw stay at home and grew a little.


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Sounds Good

Sounds like you had a good morning. I didn't see a thing. What time did you see them moving this morning?