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So I was contacted by a collection agency for a delinquent debt that I paid through another collection agency almost 2 years ago. I still have the electronic receipt. Of course this new collection agency wants more than 4 times what I paid back then. They're threatening me with court, leins, and so on. Can anyone recommend me a lawyer in the Augusta, Ga area that can help with that. I've been looking but most of the lawyers I've talked to won't help unless I want to file bankruptcy and I don't want to do that. If not, any advise would be appreciated.


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If you really did pay it off...and you told them about it, that should be end of story. If you request in writing for them to cease contact...by law they're supposed to. I'd simply ignore their calls and junk mail from them for now on.

Search and read up on the Fair Debt Collection Act. You do have rights and are protected so long as you truly don't owe...or have paid in full.


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Your story makes me wonder if the collection agency from 2 years ago actually paid your debt ?????????????

Have you checked with the business you actually owed?
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Well all, thanks for the advice. After making a few phone calls I was able to verify that this is probably a scam. Even if it's not, I have written documentation coming to me that will prove I paid off my debt. Thanks again y'all. That really helped.


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I have had collection agency call me on debt I did not owe. Claimed I owed x amount and was very ugly about it. Kept giving me an address that was not mine and trying to get me to give them an updated one. Kinda got ugly to the point I wanted heir address. The man on the line wanted to know why. I explained in plane English I would gladly drive to his location and settle the debt man to man . He did not want that and I finally convince him all 6'3" and 250 lbs would pay it off. I did not receive any more calls. Evidently some one else has my name some how.


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You should be able to dispute the claim through one of the various credit reporting agencies. I'd try that route before hiring a lawyer.
Me too..

I had a trip to the hospital a few years back.
Was told my insurance would cover ALL of it.

Then got a bill from the hospital, had the rant.

Next thing I knew was a "bill" from a collection agency
in the mail box.

I told them I didn't do business with collections and not to waist their time or mine because I would not pay.

They buy the bill for penny's on the dollar.
No go for me. I disputed the claim. Got it off my credit.
Good credit so that ding did not hurt me one bit!

I did make good on the hospital.
The record shows that they TOLD me all was covered.
I REFUSE to mess with a credit loan shark.

I didn't have to pay it but I did.

Was not a bunch of money.. Just the principal of
getting ripped off is what drove me.

Moral to the story:

Tell them to go pound sand!
Once they see you won't work with them, they will
go away.