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I got up yesterday and saw two guys fishing my dock around 8:00A yesterday. Pouring down rain and 36 degrees. I told my wife I wouldn't be out there if you promised me I'd catch something. They looked miserable.


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That's wanting to go right there!

Maybe 20+ yrs ago, but I was perfectly happy sitting by the fire that morning.


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Maybe......MAYBE.....If I had a good for that one day gift certificate to fish one of those exclusive private fisheries people pay $250 and up to fish.
Ahh you Georgians have no idea. Used to have to dip the rod blanks in the water on Lake Michigan in December because the micro/macro guides would ice up while fishing for King Salmon and Brownies. 15-30 degrees for a high and the only thing keeping the water thawed was it moving. Rain, snow, sleet and ice.


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You northerners

My whole life I have heard, from people from the great white north, how we can't drive in the snow.I spent last week In Foxboro and witnessed a snow of about five inches. What I saw was nobody there really drives in snow but drives by it. Snow plows started at about four in the morning . By seven thirty when we left out hotel the roads were clear, by four that after noon even the sidewalks had been cleared. Saw seven snowplows within three miles.With that said I have some fantastic striper fishing days when most people think you must be crazy to want to go fishing.


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Most of my biggest brown trout have come from fishing in conditions like that.

My 11# brown at the White river was in a crappy rain at about 40 degrees. Came out of a mudline that flushed shiners to the river every time it rained.