Hardin Bridge Ramp Update (Lower Etowah)

Went out today for a couple hours.

Put in at Hardin and paddled upstream, river was apparently "high" yet it was super easy to paddle with the exception of a Little Rock rapids about .75 miles up and when the river splits at .9 miles once you get past those currents it's easy paddling.

Not sure about the fishing of this section though.. didn't see too many on the fish finder or get a single bite and I throw a bunch of different stuff at em!

Lost my anchor too.

If I have to be super critical of the boat ramp it's the fact the kayak "launch" ends about 4 feet before the water line which sucked when I set my kayak up at the top expecting to tote it right in, got to the bottom and realized I'd have to move it off and down in the water anyways. Other than that good looking area!
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That matches my experience, Zach. That lauch ramp is just mean. FYI...one of the best spots for stripers is just past the road bridge upstream on the left. It is the join of a cold spring. Stripers tend to hand out at the join, or up the stream a bit.

Last time I was there (about 3 weeks ago) I tore up little white bass on top water lures, but it was after 6PM. Time of day and amount of water changes everything in the Etowah.

The water is up quite a bit from 3 weeks ago. It can be high one day and low the next and it is like fishing two different places. What worked one day doesn't work when things change and what didn't suddenly does.


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I must say I finally got back out to the ole Etowah and love the Euharlee Bridge to Hardin Bridge float. Big thanks to the folks who made Hardin Bridge ramp possible.