Harris county heavyweight

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This old fella was the man of the woods. When he would come in to eat everyone would leave. I 45556244_10218086527058867_6359919470915354624_n.jpg 45302275_10218086533859037_4663541675442831360_n.jpg 45383166_10218086541659232_5765798435861037056_n.jpg 45351629_10218086545899338_6552632334204534784_n.jpg 45401792_10218086784345299_4676760725786460160_n.jpg had many pics of this deer and it all finally come together for us to meet up. He had a beautiful rack last year but for some reason it was messed up this year. After looking at him real good his foot was messed up. Not sure if that was the cause but maybe. I certainly had to weigh him to see how truly big he is. 236 lbs on the hoof and 6 yrs old. A true heavyweight monarch. Certainly blessed to harvest this brute. Here's some pics of the old man.


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Man, what a pig! Congrats Ray!
Killing any 6 year old buck is an accomplishment in itself. Congrats!
Man what a bruiser. Based on the pic of his hoof it was time to take him and you scored. Congratulations on a beast of a buck.


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Those old ones rarely move in daylight,other than the rut. Good job on being in the right place/right time..and keeping it together. I remember praying,thanking the lord,thanking others who had helped me get the opportunity...and getting teary eyed..after killing one I hunted like that! It’s what keeps you plugging along thru the hard times...