Harris county heavyweight

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Those old ones rarely move in daylight,other than the rut. Good job on being in the right place/right time..and keeping it together. I remember praying,thanking the lord,thanking others who had helped me get the opportunity...and getting teary eyed..after killing one I hunted like that! It’s what keeps you plugging along thru the hard times...
I sit on the log he was behind and just sit there looking at him and thinking back at all the pics and missed encounters with him. Seeing something coming through the woods as old and wise as him watching his every move is what you remember the most. Not every day something so majestic comes upon you being so precise in everything they do. Every step every smell. Now that he is gone it seems as the season is not as important as it was. The older I get and taking the life of a animal just doesn't seem as it did when I was younger. Much more appreciation for life and their life. I feel as our encounter was to maybe take him from his misery from his foot bothering him after watching him slightly limp his way towards me. No matter the reason I have a great respect for that wise old majestic man!!


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Really nice older buck, congrats!
First... Great choice of words in paying respect to that old king! You certainly took the king of those woods! Fortunately he has offspring out there that replace his absence soon! Outstanding buck! Thanks for taking the time to share the hunt and pics with us!