Has anybody been to rodhouse rut n strut in Illinois


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I have and I don't think I'd go back...


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hey chickencow

Are you booking for this year or next year? If you are booking for next year I would love for you to think about Ohio. Me and another guy run Shu-Ro Outfitters out of Martinsville, Oh. Next year will be the first year we will be doing paid hunts. The land has had very little pressure on it. It hasn't been hunted in over a month this year. We are doing a late season hunt in Jan. for advertisement purposes. However, I would love to get you some info and we will have pics added as well. If interested please pm me. Thanks, Chris


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could you tell me what time of year you went and why please?
Went twice in 2007. Once during the last week of Oct and once the second week of Dec. A friend of mine met rodhouse at an expo and we got the oct hunt for $1000. We figured for that price it was worth it. And it was. He's got good land to hunt...no doubt there's some big deer. But Matt is pretty lazy, and the guides were lackluster for the most part. A couple of them had never shot a deer with a bow. One good deer killed that week, and a couple of dinks. Went back in Dec for a self guided hunt. Hit an ice storm and power was out...it was bad all around. We were on our own (which was fine and understandable), but the hunting conditions were terrible. I think we saw a couple of big deer, but nothing even remotely close. Ended up paying $150 for the week i think, which was more than fair.

I look at it this way...When going out of state to hunt, there are several fixed costs involved. You have travel expense, time off work, and tag (about 500 in IL)...If i'm going to spend that regardless, I'm going to pick a place better than rut and strut.

Now, I will say that I think there was some turmoil there the year we went. There used to be a lot of return clients, and it seemed that many of them had stopped returning. I don't think matt was running it last year, as some other guy called me trying to get me to come back. So, maybe he's got his stuff together now...