Have you ever camped while kayaking?

Have you ever camped while kayaking?

  • Never

    Votes: 6 12.0%
  • 1 night

    Votes: 11 22.0%
  • 2-3 nights

    Votes: 10 20.0%
  • 4-5 nights

    Votes: 4 8.0%
  • 6-7 nights

    Votes: 3 6.0%
  • 8 or more nights

    Votes: 1 2.0%
  • Not yet, but I'd love to!!!

    Votes: 15 30.0%

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I just posted a thread about our planned trip a few hours ago.

We spent three days and two nights kayaking, fishing, and camping last year. My wife, youngest daughter, and myself. It's not really my daughter's thing, but Shannon and I had a blast! Shannon caught her PB 6.5 pound largemouth then she beat it with an 8 pounder a few hours later!!! My biggest for the trip was around 5, and my best river bass so far was just over 6.

We would LOVE to do a longer trip, but worry about the river coming up. Not only the increased chance of bad weather, but also the chance they'll release at the dam even without rain. I don't want to wake up in the middle of the night to quickly rising water in our tent and kayaks that have floated away. Even if the kayaks are secured and can't float away it would be dangerous trying to get to them in swift water in the dark.
The other thing about a longer trip is carrying enough provisions, but we think we could get around that by having friends/family meet us with supplies once along the way.

We'd planned to take several 2 night trips this year, but they had been letting water out almost daily until the last week.


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My 81 yr old mom went on a 8 day sea kayak/camp trip with my oldest brother up the inside of the baja peninsula a few years back. Paddled all day, camped on the beach each night. Was a group excursion with about 15 participants. They had a blast.


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My absolute favorite kind of trip. oes take some planning and being ready if the weather goes south, but Georgia is blessed with a number of reivers where 3-4 day trips cna easilt be done. May particular favorites include the Satilla, the Altamaha, and the Okefenokee swamp (everybody ought to do this one at least once).

Google earth and the internet makes planning these trips much easier than in the past.


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I've been planning a trip all summer for this month, but keep putting it off due to weather. Right now we're hoping to be on the river the 22nd. I think all this will have moved on and hopefully the river will be back down. Prayers for everyone in harms way. I feel kinda selfish for complaining about our camping plans getting messed up. I am thankful for all we have and my heart goes out to all these effected by the hurricanes.

Traffic has been backed up on hwy 441 north in front of work all day here in Milledgeville. Sad to think about how those people don't even know if they will have a home to go back to.
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Sounds like we have some good experience in here!

61BelAir... I would love to pick your brain on the Oconee River as it's on our short-list for 2018. Essentially launch in Milledgeville and extract at the headwaters of the Altamaha!

For those that voted "Not yet, but I'd love to"... here's your chance! Visit our website www.blackwaterpaddleclub.com and view our "Upcoming Expeditions" page (linked above).
If it excites you to think about it, imagine doing it!


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61BelAir... I would love to pick your brain on the Oconee River as it's on our short-list for 2018. Essentially launch in Milledgeville and extract at the headwaters of the Altamaha!

I have made that trip a couple of times. The upper reaches can be aggravating depending on water levels. Lots of blow-downs and snags. Not sure what it will be like after Irma. Upside is there is plenty of good sandbar camping and usually a lot of wildlife to see and enjoy.
I've never been on it below I-16 and there are stretches of it below Balls Ferry that I haven't been on either. I'd love to, just haven't yet.
Sass is correct about there being tons of blow-downs - especially between Avant & the Oconee Trestle. I bet there are a lot more after the storms.
I've looked at your sites and trip reports. Looks like an awesome time, but ya'll cover a lot more water than us. When we kayak fish we only go up to about 8 miles before setting up camp. We prefer 6 or 7 miles. Probably worth mentioning that it's in the fall when the days are shorter. It stinks to be at a good sandbar then try to squeeze another couple miles into the day only to have dark closing in before you find another campsite. We try to plan them out using google earth.


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I’ve done many but in a canoe, my pay load is 1100 lbs so no problem taking what we need.
One of my favorites was the Toccoa in late Dec. we fished the 1st day hunted in the national forest
For a few days then fished the last day out.


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I have done a 7 day on the St Mary ... and I have converted a 3 day and a 7 day on the Ocmulgee to an overnight.