He Flushes Hogs Too

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While Drake and I were wood cock hunting last week He flushed some hogs in a wet big bed of cattails mixed with hardwoods and one came too close:pop: Made some good Bar B Q


That is a good sized pig for a 20 gauge and #8's!!! Your dog may never think about a bird again!! Looks like Drake is enjoying the taste of pork! Way to go man. That is awesome!!
Thanks Killer hope you getting a few ducks:flag:
No ducks for me lately brother. Sold off my waterfowl equipment to ease the cost of college. It was something that I sure hated to do, but my bow and fly rods had to stay!
I'll get back after it in two or three years. Hopefully I can get me a good duck birdhog dog to give tours a run for the money!!! :cheers: