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What is everyone using for a headlamp or what would they use if they bought a new one? I've been using some cheap walmart ones that the batteries always seem to die at an inopportune time or I've used some rechargeable amazon variety and the quality is lackluster.
I have several but really like the small Rayovac unit u can find at
Wally World or Home Depot...only 100 lumens ( i think) but comes with 2 headbands and the light detaches from the strap to make a super handy pocket light....Battery life is good with quality batteries...a really good emergency light for pocket or


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Black diamond has another vote


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From my experience, LED headlamps and flashlights don't reflect bright-eyes as well as a non-LED eg Xenon flashlights. Just noting this..
Surefire Maximus is the headlamp i use. It’s rechargeable and can be adjusted from 1-1,000 lumens with the turn of a knob. Has a battery indicator also. I usually have to charge mine 2-3 times per season and I sit around 60-70 times per season. It has a perfect flood which is awesome for tracking. Not cheap by any means but I like my illumination tools.
Can't go wrong with a Black Diamond or a Ptezl. Most are in the 30-40 dollar range at 200- 300 lumens and very good. Last one I bought last year was a Coast from Academy. I was intrigued because the power was 650 lumens for 65 bucks, is rechargeable and can be swapped to AAA batteries if it runs out. It can also be focused or openened up with a dial.

Drawbacks- burns battery fast, probably 3 hours continuous run and needs a recharge. More than enough for a day's use. I recharge mine every 2-3 days if used heavily but never did I run it completely out. Also elasttic straps not as good as Ptezl ot Black Diamond.

For the price I rate it highly.
Energizer one from walmarks. The cheapest one only has on/off. The other one you have to click like 4 times to get it off because blinking and red and all. So I like the cheapest.


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Streamlight trident for about $30
Takes AAA batteries. Has hi/low white beam and has green light for dim light walking in the woods.
I bought a headlamp yesterday at the five dollar store, it is a JD-1598-7 model. It is rechargeable, it has three levels and I turned it on last night and that thing is as bright as my crystal coon hunting light, unbelievable for a five dollar headlamp, also has a good head strap that fits really good.
Cabela's sells one I have been using for about 10 years.
Alaskan Guide XG White/Green by Princeton Tec or something very close is the name.
It has a super bright white spot light for tracking or trying to find those pesky trail markers and switches to a green that is bright enough to walk or climb a tree.
I have been sitting in a ladder stand on a food plot after dark and turned on the green light and walked out with the deer barely paying any attention.
I have a discontinued version of the Black Diamond Spot that refuses to die and despite getting left on all the time the batteries last eons. Plenty bright too. I believe 300 lumens, which is plenty. I know the newer version is more square. I've spent the same money on other lamps that died within a year. I've had this one since 2015. My only beef with mine is opening it when I do need to replace batteries is a bit of a pain because the on button is where you grab it to pry it open. But I assume now that they have been redesigned it might no longer be an issue.