Heard County

How's everyone's crop of deer looking this year? I need to go pull my cards and check. I put my cameras out a little later than usual this year. Hopefully some of those bucks that were there at the end of the season are still hanging around.
Same for me. Just really got some cameras rolling. Have a couple of deer that I hope made it through.
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That 8pt I think is a 7pt. Here are some better pics from a different camera I have setup in a different area. I had to take pics of my PC screen and add them with my phone. Not sure why my PC isn’t letting me upload pics tonight. I think it’s the same deer. What do y’all think?

D8D2EE78-9F53-477D-90EB-87C913845089.jpeg 9EE31DDC-41A9-48FB-99C0-2D423984659E.jpeg 06270C26-AAA9-4891-B2AA-8358CF740543.jpeg 518D2D97-129A-459B-9303-087CDF765931.jpeg