Heard County


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Congrats Dustin, that is a hoss!!

What part of the county do you hunt?

I am where Hwy 100 headed to Hogansville meets Hwy 27
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Awesome buck Dustin, congrats. Paymaster and I are gonna give it a shot Saturday morning. Hoping this cold front coming through will have them up on their feet.
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Had a great hunt this morning even though we didn’t pull a trigger. Paymaster saw a little spike around 10:30 that walked within 15yds of him. I saw a little young buck around 6:45 probably a 4-6 point it was still too dark to count points even through my scope. He came cruising through and made a little scrape about 75yds from my tree. Then on the way driving out we saw two doe standing in the logging road. God sure blessed us this morning. 855B41D6-7136-4F6B-828B-28E303C3053C.jpeg CBB1D33C-7204-4AF8-B25F-BD557F2FA19E.jpeg
I tagged out last night (9th). Hunted a spot that I’d been wanting to sit for 5 years. Just kept putting it off due to weird location. The sign finally made up my mind. This guy was walking the edge of a cutover at 5:20. Heard him thrashing a tree before I saw him. I believe he had a doe with him. His hocks were wet and stinking. He is a main frame 8 with a kicker off the base.


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Another great buck, congrats Dustin. Next week I’m off for 5 straight days. Hopefully I can get it done. Sure would like a shot at that 7pt I had on camera earlier.