Heartbroken, my lab is gone

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Last Wednesday morning I woke up to my hunting partner of 9 years gone. I had put him outside to run free in the back yard after I finished cutting grass. Checked on him at 10:30pm and he was fine. At 6am he was gone and the back gate was open. I don't know if he pushed it open or if someone stole him. He had his collar on with my info, but I haven't heard a word. He has gotten out before but he always comes back within 3-4 hours. My 3yr old daughter is heartbroken and I was doing well until she starting crying wanting to know why Texas was gone. I pray he comes home soon, it is killing me that he is gone.



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hope is is found soon.

I had mine taken once. Seen him in a car with teenage boys. Ran them down and got him. They where also taking down my pics asking if anyone seen him.
Dont give up hope and looking. I had a dog get away at a park in Gwinnett (lots of cars) and looked for 4 days. Posted signs everywhere and walked the park 2-3 times a day. Folks started calling after about 2 days saying they say her in a neighborhood. Finally was able to track her down in someone's back yard. She wouldn't come to me and growled at me. I cornered her on a deck and started talking on the phone asking my dad to bring one of the other dogs over thinking she would recognize him. While talking I guess she recognized my voice and came over whimpering and whining but SO excited. None the worse. I guess she didn't recognize us hollering and calling as we never called her that way.
Hope and PRAYING you find him. GOD does answer!
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I've put it on Facebook, called every vet in the county, ARF, and Animal Control. Gave them all his pictures. Walked the 72 acres down the street I hunt. The 48 behind my house. My neighborhood and every house, road, and neighborhood within two miles. Even called a member here and got permission to walk his 200 acres yesterday. Almost been a week and it is killing me.
Hope you recover your dog soon. My buddy s Springer Spaniel disappeared from his yard. And they looked everywhere with no luck. After 2 weeks they accepted the dog was gone and assumed either stolen or killed by coyotes. The dog walked back in the yard a couple days later. Was missing 17 days total. Richard


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That's an awful feeling. I hope he comes home. Very sorry, I have two canine kids myself.


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That's heartbreaking man. I feel for you and your family. Praying you get your dog back.
I pray you get him back. Mine ran a deer when he was young from the yard and I was a wreck after only three hours of him missing...