Heat Pump Problem - Beware

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In less than 2yrs., I've lost ALL the refrigerant out of my heat pump Five different times. I've used several companies to try and find the "leak".
This week a guy came out and filled 'er up again.
When asked if HE could find the leak, he said," I can tell you where it's going. Somebody's been "huffing" it."
He said kids will open the line and inhale it to get high!!!
Now, I,ve seen and done some stupid things over the past fifty odd years, BUT THAT TAKES THE CAKE!!!!

Has anyone else had this problem?
Be sure to check the "caps" on your coolant lines to see if they have been tampered with.
I'm thinking of fixing a "little surprise" for the little $%^*($%^% when they come back. ( NO, nothing tooooo drastic).


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Sounds like a Doberman or Pit-bull may be just what you need............... :whip:
A guy I went to high school with DIED from huffing freon! He froze his lungs.
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That's what the A/C guy said could happen.
I don't want to walk outside one day and find dead kids in my yard.

Badger, I have 2 Shephards but I don't want them getting sick from "something they ate". Also, I want to give it "The Personal Touch". ;)
This brings a question to mind!

I have heard of "huffing" before and as I understand it is the inhalation of various gases or fumes to "get high". The list of substances is long and includes airplane glue, gasoline, spray paint, etc, etc, etc. Who was the FOOL that tried each of these substances first? I know there have got to be some substances that when inhaled will result in your LAST "huffing" experience.

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