Heaviest GA Deer?


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I knew someone a few years back that killed one 295 lbs in Colquitt county. I’m In Lowndes and 225 lbs is biggest I’ve seen.


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205# live for me
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Amazing how many big bodied deer are killed in GA! Some of these weights are as big as you’ll see anywhere in the country. I guess the right food and the right genetics are definitely in place in a lot of these counties. I’m sure for everyone you hear about there’s at least another we never hear about.
I killed a 6pt in 2003 in Gwinnett right next to Yellow river park. Field dressed in the field, weighed at the processor at 135. She aged him at 1.5. I guessed lot older due to body size but she said 1.5 on the teeth. Antlers did look 1.5 but I shot because of the body size.


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220 for me. Have seen a bigger one years ago,but never killed it(nocturnal old guy). Are most of these bigguns killed off of/adjacent to row-crop farms(corn/soybeans)? I assume so..at least before people started Deer farming & feeding protein year round.
Jealous of these numbers. Killed one in bulloch county that weighed 205 on scale also my biggest racked buck 137” 8 pt.
Killed one in screven that probably weighed 220. Opening day of bow. He was still fat and eating good. Screven deer got long bodies.

Where I hunt now we kill 6.5 year old deer that weigh 160’s.


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I'm just over here amazed that y'all are able to get a live deer to stand on a scale. I always had to kill'm first. My first deer ever was a 240 beast out of NC. My buddy thought I shot one of his cows when he heard it fall over.
I would call my friend a liar to his face if he told me a Georgia deer was 300+ on the hood! Wow! I dont have a scale, but I would say I killed one over 200. Its body was longer than my Savage 110, and his neck was almost as wide as my chest, and I'm a 3xl. Picture is too big to load and I'm not trying to figure out how tonight.
I shot one a couple years ago on the edge of the smokies park, was 6-7 year old buck, body was as long as a Chevy 1500 single cab truck bed, he weighed dressed out 118 pounds, I thought he would dress 180, sometimes they will fool ya.