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I just got my order of old Hee Haw episodes from Time Life. Man do they bring back a lot of memories. I'd forgot alot of the stuff they used to do on the show. I've watched 2 so far and really enjoyed them. Coway and Loretta, Waylon and Jessie, as Jessie sang "I'm not Lisa". Goota check out the rest pretty soon.


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Hee Haw

That was a good show to watch. :clap: :clap:

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I Always Enjoyed Hee Haw And Got To See A Taping One Time At Opreyland, They Taped All The Cornfield Scenes, Allthe Porch Scenes,etc. Then Inserted Them In The Shows.

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My first two years teaching were at North Forsyth Junior High. Several of Junior Samples grandchildren attended our school and his grandauther, April was in my homeroom 2 years. He died my second year there. April had a sad look on her face for a month.

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When was it that he died? Growing up , I kinda lost track of things in the real world, and never paid attention to when someone died.
Where did you get them at??
I've always wondered why they don't show re-runs?
I heard somewhere Archie Campbell owned the rights, and had
a problem with Gaylord? Who knows?
What I just said, could sure enough be called a Internet rumor. :pop:
My grandpa, Red Bailey was best friends with Junior Samples. I'm not sure when he died, I never got to mee him :cry: But that fella was funny. :rofl: My grandpa was a country artist, "Ramblin Red Bailey" and also played with the "Skillet Lickers" thats how he knew him. We used to have Juniors old bass boat and still had the motor from it up until a few months ago. :cool:
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I ordered them off of tv. Saw em one day and just ordered them. I don't normally do stuff like that but I just had to have em. They are put out by Time Life.