Hello From South FL!

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Hey Everyone!

My name is Krizia, from Miami, FL. I joined the forum a few years ago and between school, work and now a baby, never found the time to come on back until I got a new job with flexibility! Hoping to stick around the forum more often.
Looking to move to GA within the next 2 years. Any recommendations? Looking for a house on hunting land!



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Welcome and enjoy!

There is a lot to choose from.

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Welcome back FF829. Morgan County is prime real estate and a beautiful area of the state. Historic Madison, Lake Oconee and great hunting in the middle of GA's piedmont region. You'll pay premium dollar for land in Morgan County. Check out landflip.com and other land aggregator websites to see what's available in the area and surrounding counties.
Welcome back and good luck on finding your dream home.
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