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This is my first year bow hunting, and i recently got a new Stinger X. I plan on taking it during my break next week and see if i get any luck ( i'm in college, so no hunting unless during my breaks.. ). I took the bow out today to shoot some and my field points were on point, but at 20yrds my fixed broad points were 2" left and 2" low. Should i adjust the sight to the broad points? Adjust my aim? Not sure, any suggestions?

note- both points are 100 grain


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When using fixed broad heads I have always sighted my bow with the broad head vs. my field points. I have shot muzzy and slick tricks and each time I had to do this. Some out there say if your bow is tuned properly you can sight in with field tips and the fixed broad head will fly true. I personally haven't seen that to be exact and when I'm sighting in I'm pretty anal about my consistency. Good Luck!!!
I stopped shooting FB broadheads for the reason that I can't get consistency out of them. But to answer the question at hand:

1. Make sure your field tips are shooting bullet holes in paper. If the bow isn't tuned properly the broadheads will be ****her and ****her off at distance.

2. Next, once that is in - Mr. Gator808 is correct - you sight in your bow with the test broadheads - saving a few for hunting.

I think making sure the bow is tuned is the most important step (tuned could be rest alignment, cam alignment, etc.). Bow shop can usually tune it with you standing there and shooting it. Then go out in the yard and sight it in. Good luck.
Search walk back tune or French tune, same thing, on YouTube. Short answer is, if the bow is tuned and shooting bullet holes you sight in with field points then tune your rest to your BH’s. You poa and poi will change but both heads will hit together. Once this is achieved then adjust your sights. Best way to do this is to use say your 50yd pin at 3yds, it should hit dead on (short yardage conversion) then shoot same pin at 50yds. If any change, move your rest OPPOSITE THE ARROW very small amounts until you’ve achieved your goal. Paper tuning is just a starting point, walk back tune is fine tuning adjustments. Hope this helps and hope I explained it clearly.
I don't do anything except bareshaft tune. It allows you to skip all those unnecessary methods and gets you to a better tune faster.
Look up broad head tuning.
Do that.
There’s so much info out there you can get overwhelmed, but remember you CAN get good flight out of your bow.
Broad heads sometimes fly better with a stiffer spine.
step #1 is always have a tuned bow
#2 is proper spined arrow
#3 adequate fletching (blazers are not the end all)
#4 proper tuned arrow with no rest contact and a smooth release .
Its not complicated but does take a little time


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Try a Ramcat. If it's off, you have problems.