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So I’ve really become interested in bird hunting over the past few years and would like to try grouse hunting. I’ve tried to read up on grouse hunting in Georgia recently and have come to learn that there are few grouse in our mountians. I routinely fish for Brook trout in the mountians so I’m acquianted with strenuous effort in high mountians for limited results.

I realize that I can possibly scare up a bird by myself but I would love to talk to someone with experience to help shorten the learning curve and maybe have someone to tag along with. If anyone would like to help a newbie get started, I would forever be grateful.

P.S. - I do plan to try to attend the RGS banquet in August.

Any help appreciated,
Jed Green
Do you have a dog?

You should know that grouse hunters--especially southern grouse hunters--are more secretive and paranoid than a 3rd degree Mason with a persecution complex.
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Really need a dog,
there being far fewer birds here than up north, means you won't likely be kicking one up on your own.
The extra benefit of a dog is it can recover a wounded bird from places you would never go, plus bird dogs are awesome anyway..
First off, congrats on becoming interested in bird hunting - secondly, choosing "the King" as your targeted species is certainly a bold move.

Yes, there are some grouse in Georgia. Not many. I went on lots of walks this spring in my normal areas, and the drumming was certainly down. Trying to hunt our area without a great dog would be extremely challenging.

I have great dogs, and it is challenging.....which is why I hunt Maine and Wisconsin! LOL
You picked the best kind of bird hunting. It is tough in GA, which is why many of us travel. There are grouse in GA but they are hard work and really need a dog. Regardless, the hiking with a gun in the mountains is never a wasted walk!