Help removing roofing tile stains from my white gutters

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Any ideas? Some of the stains is mildew, but it appears most is from the black roof staining the white gutters. House is less than 2 years old but looks much older because of this. Anyone else delt with it before? :mad:

Jim Ammons

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Spray with a mixture of bleach and water (strength) according to degree of stains-let it set for awhile then wash it down with a hose or pressure washer, be careful with pressure washer.


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We had the same problem in our last house. Ours wouldn't even come clean with bleach and a pressure washer. We used Krud Kutter(I think Home Depot or Lowe's sells it). We sprayed it on and let it sit for a few minutes and then wiped it off with a towel. That will be hard to do on really high gutters. It was a pain, but they came really clean. Good luck.


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bleach will kill the mildew, however it is not a cleaner. If the stains are from the shingle residue as you say, try the wesleys bleach white ...the stuff you use to clean your whitewalls. you will have to spray it on and rub it out but it should work.

I use that to clean finger prints off whit aluminum coil stock when installing new windows.


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I don't remember the name of the stuff, though most any camper dealer should carry it. It's a cleaner formulated to clean aluminum sided campers and it should work just as well on aluminum gutters. If I remember correctly it is just mixed in with the water and I used a brush with a long pole that I also bought in the camper parts dept. I would wet them down and then scrub them down and then just rinse.
I use the black streak remover on my camper

which should work on your gutters, I've not tried it but its worth a try. The name of what I use is called Full Timers Black streak remover, available at Wal-Mart in the camping section. If it works on the gutters like it does my camper, it will be a breeze.
Bleach will remove most of the stains get it at your dollar store i used it on my soffits and eaves half bleach and half water let it sit for a few minutes and spray with a water hose with a nozzle on itits cheaper than other stain removers.


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HD, thats the stuff I was talking about. I was in Wallmart a short while ago and saw it in their atomotive section where they have all the camper stuff. One good thing about it also is it won't dull the shine like some other stuff will.

Another tip when using most any of this stuff, though especially bleach is to make sure to do it on a day when the wind isn't blowing real strong and to keep anything of real value like cars and such well away from the area you're working in. My neighbor had his house painted and they pressure washed it first using bleach and got it all over his newly painted red P/U. Needless to say they didn't make a lot off of his job after they got through having to pay for another new paint job on the truck.

I've also seen it get in the house through cracks around the windows and ruin new drapes and carpet... ;)
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