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has anyone done something nice and really messed you up, but you sure dont want to tell them.
I over seeded my lawn this spring and went out of town. I get were I was going and speak with my neighbor who said" I cut and bagged your lawn since your out of town'':hair:
Then I cut down a tree at the lake (hickory) saved a pile of branches for the smoker only to find out my neighbor down there was cleaning up and had a load going to the dump so he got rid of those limbs I had piled behind the fence:hair:


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You need me to break them neighbors up :huh: Nobody bothers the big drunk redneks stuff on my turf :D :cheers:
I know a guy that lived on the lake and his neighbor(s) would always come to his dock and borrow stuff, only problem was they would never bring it back. If he wanted to use it he would have to hunt it down and bring it back.

Said he cured them from borrowing stuff when one neighbor took his wheelbarrow with out asking and without bringing it back. He took a hickory with him to go get the wheelbarrow and while the neighbors were watching he proceeds to push the wheelbarrow back home while every few feet stopping and whipping the tar out of said wheelbarrow and cussing it and telling it to never leave his dock without telling him where it was going and how long it would be gone.

The neighbors don't borrow anything anymore from the crazy neighbor.


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Nope, everybody around here minds their own business and if they need help, they'll ask for it. Its worked pretty good that way for the last 8 years.:cool: