Help wanted ID some glass I found

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Found these on the shoreline of lake hartwell the other weekend, all spread over about 60 yards. Recent very heavy rain, some were buried in sand, some packed in red clay. Bank above shore where found has been eroding / collapsing for some time now. Any guesses? Are they old marbles from a kids game, or something newer. They look older. Didnt know if round glass was used for anything other than marbles. Any guesses or help appreciated


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Something like that used to be used as a carbonated bottle stopper, but I don't think that was around here.:huh:
Look like glass marbles used in a fiberglass plant. We still make these today. The marbles are made from batch and then remelted to make fiberglass yarn. I know Owens Corning used to make marbles in their Anderson, SC plant.