Help wanted in Clarkesville GA


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Southern Chimney Sweep is looking for one or two full time, career minded individuals looking for a great new career. We have been in business since 1999. We specialize in Sales, Service and installations of chimneys, fireplaces, gas logs and wood stoves. Southern Chimney Sweep is a great place to work! Applicants must have clean record and excellent people skills. This is not a general labor job. We require all employees to learn the trade and advance through performance, skills, sales and customer service. Starting pay will vary. We work long hours usually 4 days per week. Every new employee will start as a helper but will be given opportunities to advance within a couple months on the job. If you have a habit of being late to work, having a negative attitude or no desire to move up, please do not apply. If you will be unhappy working outdoors, on steep roofs and getting absolutely filthy every day this is not the job for you either. Please send detailed, well written resume. Fax to (800) 845-0608
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