Help with Indian pounding rock

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Hi Guy's,
I've enjoyed this section and am impressed with the knowledge of so many of you.
Here are some pic's of what I thought might be a rock that was used for pounding grain or something. Anyone else have any ideas. Its sitting on a normal sized paper towel.



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Mult task rock. Looks like a indented spot on the end.
Nic & NC will tell us more.
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Thanks fellas,
Recon what it was used for ? I also wonder how old or what natives would/could have used it ??
I guess I better start some research .
Thanks again,
They may vary from region to region, but the ones we picked up in the north (I know, Im a yankeee, lol) almost always had one flat side, and typically had a cupped out spot toward the one end. The tips showed use/damage. It was evident they started with a same shaped rock, but also that they pecked it into the shape I described. In my area of Ga, at least where Ive been able to walk, I have yet to find one.


It looks like it could have been a pestle for a metate and a nutting stone.