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I am getting ready to plant 1 and 1/2 acre food plot. It is on top of a small ridge surrounded by hardwoods. It gets plenty of sunlight and drains perfect. Last year I planted a mixture of winter peas, clover, oats, and rye grass. The plot looked awsome and everything come in heavy, but it seemed like the deert didnt touch it till bout end of season. I planted a small bag of throw and grow with brasicas in another food plot about 800 yards away and they tore it up. I noticed they hit the brassicas all through november and december. So this year I have bought 10 lbs of Trophy radishes, 50 lb of Buck Forage Oats, and A bag of Southern Sweet Spot. My question is how should I plant this in that 1 and 1/2 acre plot. Should I mix it or seperate it? Planting Dates? All help is greatly appreciated.


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That's a good question and I'm sure you'll get some different answers here, but I would plant the Sweet Spot in a strip all it's own. Then I would mix the oats and the radish's together in another strip.

Plant them all between the middle of Sept and Oct 1.
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i have one side that gets less sunlight and holds a lil more moisture in the ground, the other half of plot is more on top and gets more either one better to plant the trophy radishes on or the sweet spot


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todd, check with your next door neighbor. he seems to be an expert at setting up food plots on his farm. if the plot grows in good check with me and the boys and we'll help ya on the harvest, thanks, HW