Hen Crowing

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Jeff Raines

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In my last batch of chicks I bought,there was a sexing mistake.So now I have an americauna rooster.
I also have a 3 year old black jersey giant hen that has had free run of the yard.
Today I decided to let all the 5 month old pullets and rooster out to free range for awhile and meet the yard boss.
Jersey giant went after the rooster and whooped him so bad that she started crowing in victory.

NE GA Pappy

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tranny hen

NE GA Pappy

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Old folks always said a whistling woman and a crowing hen are the work of the devil.

in Jamaica whistling is how ladies of the evening let guys know they are available


Grandma and Mama would wring a crowing hen's neck in a heartbeat.


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I have a layer that just recently started doing it as well. We lost our rooster a few weeks back, so maybe she thought that she would pick up the slack.


Any hen that crowed around the house met a swift death.
If my granny heard one crow, we had chicken and dumplings for supper that night
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I had to get rid of the rooster anyway,against the law in Paulding on less than 5 acres......Which is fine,don't need a rooster.