Here are a few of the things I have made.

Burl E.

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This is some things I have made in the last year.

1) Ambrosia maple trumpet turkey call
2)Fishing rod holder
3)My custom ammo box
4)Knife with a Paduak handle I made for a buddy for Christmas
5)Deer grunt calls



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Nice work:fine:

Burl E.

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A few more calls and stuff

Here are a few more calls and stuff I have made.

1) Boat shaped book shelves
2)walking sticks the girls and I made
3)a few more calls
4)3 duck calls and a owl hooter
5)duck call



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Looks like you still doing good work Burl!

I still like my grunt tube!


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Burl, Do you have a pattern for the ammo box. You do great work. Love the game calls. I've got the stuff to start turning calls and pens, but I'm still a little nervous, never done it before.