heres my hobbie


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well after wittlin down a rock this is what i got. it is actually the first point i have been able to get to resemble a arrowhead. i wasnt broke when i finishe it but i laid it on my knee and i leaned over and it slipped off and landed on the concrete under the carport.


Very good for a first one

Ask Nick what "just a rock "means....How did you get started and where do you get your flint?


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i been at it off and on for about 2 years now. been pretty steady at it now for a couple months here lately.i havent had anyone show me anything, everything i have learned has been from trial and error and the internet. this rock i have now came from texas, i got it off ebay.


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Fine lookin' point, Bam Bam.

I have a flint-knappin' kit on it's way... Hopefully to be here by the middle of next week. I can't wait!


That was a nice one Bam Bam. Those things happen, don`t let it get you down.