Hey young folks 20-30 years old


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63 this month. Per my mom I was born old. Apparently I come by my curmudgeonly self naturally.

Mom visited her sisters this year. One is 96, one 92. From family history I've got a few year left. I don't plan to get thrown in the river with concrete overshoes like my grandpa on that side.
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42 here, but after 25 yrs of house framing and other tasks that go along with building, my body says I'm really old at times. But it's been a lotta fun!


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67 and semi retired.


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Y'all are a bunch of old farts.

"Mid" 50's here.
Post and show yourself.
Looking at a post I realized most of the posters are old. I am 50, I think Quack, hillbilly and Dub are there too. We have Ellfi and Nic holding social security card #1 and #2.

Not seeing many young bucks in the outdoors or on this forum. A decade ago there were youngins like bassboy posting after highschool :bounce:

I didn't mention the gals on here because my mom thought me not to call a lady old.::ke:
On this forum? LOL

You answered your own posts. Youre old, Im not cool in my 40s.

They dont come here. They snapchat, tweet, and Instagram. My 20 yr old nephew says facebook is old people too.
Thanks for the compliments, I think. I'm 55 and will shoot your knee caps out if I'm in a good mood !!! I don't run, I don't fight anymore, pewpewpew..
He is a fine fellow, and Miss Dawn is a true Southern Belle. Good hunter and fisherman extraordinaire too.

Now I`ll probably have to fight the big rascal for bragging on him. facepalm:

You know dang well I'll kick you in the knee, I take no prisoners !!!


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When you hit 50, you suddenly realize that chances are good that you won`t be turning that hourglass over again.
Strong medicine in those words, 50 was a while ago, 66 this fall.
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