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T.P. is in wal-mart following a guy with a gun watching TV and hdm is rich and KyDawg has cows and I'm at work.

Thank you.
my favorite video game is Toe Jam And Earl
Lookin @ my dog sprawled in the sunshine.
They were all there, I think, I forgot how many I had, but every cow I counted was there. I didn't count the ones I couldn't see.
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I'm not Kang, hdm is Kang and he is very rich.
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I'm leavin' work in 7 mins and then I'm goin' huntin'.

Dog is back.
Update: Sitting on the couch in my jammies. Just scored another brand new pair of discontinued Columbia Timberwolf heavy weight camo pants off of ebay for less than it costs me to drive to work.
There's a cat on each side of me, Mini-Me is working on a project, Bait found the dishwasher culprit and it's dark outside.