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What's the book on history that you most enjoyed.

Since I read more War Between the States stuff than anything, I really liked "Fighting for the Confederacy," by E. Porter Alexander. He was a Georgian, who as many of you will know, rose to command Lee's Artillery. It's a narrative and can be dry if you ain't into this kind of thing. But I loved it.

What are your recommendations?


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I share you passion for reading.Very seldom will I read a book that is fiction. I can never seem to get of the "net" now. Just so much information at your fingertips. I do like the civil war period and particulary "letters home" from the field.I enjoy local history as well as Georgia history.:type:


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One of my favorites is Strange and fascinating facts about the civil war, some facts that are little known that happened on both sides, some chilling, some downright funny.
I really enjoyed Was Jefferson Davis Right By Kennedy. It looked at all the politics around the war and the US Govt. attempting to bring charges against the South's leaders.

For historical fiction it's hard to beat Killer Angels, Gods and Generals, and Last Full Measure by the Saharas.


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Ronald Reagan Autobiography is a great read.


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Dutchman, if you haven't already, pick up Harpers guide to the civil war, its from the yankees point of view, but still good factual reading, and Killer angels very good reading.


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Fox Two is pretty good. Tells the story of the Duke Cunningham's & Driscoll's 5 kills in VN. Too bad Cunningham has early onset alzheimers and can't think straight anymore. Washington does that to some people.



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I am with you Jeff on the Sahara's books. They are all great, and I cant wait for the movie THE LAST FULL MEASURE. I think it is comming out sometime this fall. Some other great books for you War Between the States fans:

Shermans Horsemen by David Evans

This may be may favorite. If you love Ga history in the War between the States this is unreal. It is the story of Shermans calvary and all the raids and battles that took place in Ga before, during and after the fall of Atlanta. He did some serious research and uses eyewitness accounts, official reports of the officers, old letters, newspapers, etc. to tell the story of every raid and battle of Shermans calvary in Ga. It describes in detail the calvary raids of Garrard, McCook, Stoneman, Rousseau, and Kilpatrick. The calvary battles of Browns Mill in Coweta county, Sunshine Church in Jones county, Jug Tavern in Barrow County, Lovejoy Station Clayton county, Macon, Sandersville, etc. Dont be fooled by the name of the book, it is not just about the Yanks, there is alot of info and writing about the Southern calvary and its troops and leaders also. Great book by it and read it and you will not be disappointed.

Another great Ga Book is "In Care Of Yellow River"
It is the letters of Eli Pinson Landers of the 16th Ga Inf. He was from the Sweetwater/Lilburn area of Gwinnett county and the book is all the letters he wrote home to his family. Some lady found them in a couple of shoe boxes at a yard sale in Alabama in the 70's and decided to tell his story. This book hits close to home for me because this area is where my mothers family had lived since the 1830s and her family knew some of his kin in the area. He fought in the battles of Seven days, Sharpsburg, Gettysburg, and then came east with Longstreet and fought at Chicamauga. He survived all these battles, with just a few wounds and then died of typoid fever in Rome a few weeks later.

I also enjoyed Newt Gingrich's historical fictions "Gettysburg" and "Never Call Retreat"

I am currently reading "Battleship Bismarck - A Survivor's Story" by Baron Burkard Von Mullenheim-Rechberg.

Interesting to hear the story from the other sides persepective. Only a couple of chapters left to go. Very good book.

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While I have ejnoyed many of the civil war books, my most recent book an done of my favorites is Flyboys by James Bradley. It is about the Picific campain during WWII and is a horrific reminder war is never pretty and many times you must do the unpleasent in order to save lives.
I am cheating a little

Some one was nice enough to give me and my son the complete 11 disc DVD set of "World at War". Just starting disc five. Each disc has over five hours of actual footage. The things that they show you can blow your mind in all directions. Very interesting.