Hog Hunting on Ft Benning

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I am new to the area and trying to get a lay of the land. I have never hunted hog before but from what I am told they are plentiful on Ft. Benning and fun to hunt. I am trying to find out where would be a good place to start looking or for some hunting partners to show me around. I appreciate any and all help, thanks!
I'll be down there this coming weekend and staying for a couple days if you wanna do some hunting. Iv got some decent experience on Benning and know of a couple spots here and there where I can get us on some hogs. shoot me an email if your interested and we can hash out the finer details. My name Mike.

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lungbuster: I went out sunday and walked/scouted about 8 miles. There were some promising signs in some of the low laying marsh areas where I went. I think I might have been out a little early, around 4pm, and I headed back in after a couple hours. There looked like good posibilities for spoting some hogs.

Boarhunter: I will be sure to send you an email so we can try and get out this weekend and get some hunting in.
Lot's of pigs in the Oscars and Kilos but the new ranges out there have a lot of them closed at times. Find fresh sign and stay on it....like I said ive been hunting here for two years and don't recall ever seeing an area with no pig sign somewhere in it.
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so here is the report. I went out this late afternoon/evening and checked out some of the K areas. No luck on finding and hogs but I have sucessfully located turkey heaven along with some deer. I understand turkey are in season but I have no real interest in shooting them. I might try and go out in a couple other areas later this week and see how it goes.
I'll be home tomorrow and should have my bow back this week so if you want to try and get together and shoot at Uchee Creek I can point you to some good areas on the map. Just shoot me a PM if your interested.
Got my bow back today and dang near got her first kill this afternoon. Had a decent size boar at about 30 yards but it was a little to thick to get a shot.


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bowhuntingmarine -- you have a PM. I leave Korea in September and I'll be back at Benning for the next couple years starting mid-October.