Hog hunting redlands wma

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So I am very confused on the laws and rules of hog hunting wma lands. I understand that if it is small game season you have to use small game weapons, however it states that fox and bobcat can be taken with large caliber weapons? So does the redlands allow me to use a 308 to hunt hog or do i have to use a .22mag?
I was thinking about the exact same question...would love to take a 308 out "fox hunting" and harvest a hog. Basically, do we just need to have a small game license, a rifle, and we are good?
Based on the wording of this years regs, it sure looks to me like we can shoot a hog while hunting on a wma for bobcat or fox with a centerfire rifle in calibers .17 and higher. The wording has changed from previous years regs, so seems like that is the intended meaning. Took me several readings to figure it out though.