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I recently got a 4 x 8 hog trap similar to the ones they sell at Tractor Supply. I want to get the hogs used to coming into the trap for a month or so until I begin to set the trap. I was hoping to find a feeder that drops corn directly down rather than broadcasting it all around, otherwise I think the hogs will probably just eat the corn outside the trap without needing to go into it. It's in an area where the feeder needs to be made of metal because of the squirrels. Any suggestions, or other ideas anyone can share?

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I have about 8 of those traps. Have always thrown corn in and keep coming back every so many days to check/add corn. You're going to have squirrels, racoons, etc., come in and eat the corn.

You can try PVC pipe, closed at both ends, and have some 1/2 -5/8" in holes drilled in the pipe. I've done that.

Good luck.
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Yes, as Transfixer said, once I set it I will check it daily, but until then I'd like to have a month of them getting used to it without my scent ever day. This feeder by Wildgame, seems like it would work, but it's made out of plastic, so the squirrels would chew through it. Anyone seen something like this made out of metal?
If the hogs are there, it won't take you a month, keep the corn in the trap and they will be in it in less than a week. Once they find it, they will suck it up like a vacuum cleaner. Good placement where the hogs are active is the key.


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Invest in a wireless camera. Makes it easy to see if you catch something and then you can use it to watch deer when you are not trapping hogs.



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The feeder in this photo is a Moultrie tripod with the metal legs cut/shortened to about 36" or so, used the metal feet wired to the top panel to secure the feeder. I used painted aluminum metal flashing to make the drop down chute, sheet metal screwed to the feeder housing lip which funnels corn down into the trap when the feeder goes off. You can set the feeder to go off several times during the night or day throwing small amounts of corn into the trap and the hogs, once oriented, usually come right on que. Put a trail camera there so you can see what is going on and don't arm your trap until all of the hogs are going/eating inside.

I have used various configurations similar to this with good success. There are several advantages of using a feeder setup. The trap gets baited multiple times each day/night which can attract many hogs. You don't have to drive there everyday to bait the trap. Less human activity and scent around the trapsite is better especially when dealing with trap shy hogs.

The traps in the photo are two 4' x 8' continuous catch traps sitting side by side. I ended up putting a third trap there and had all three traps full of hogs at one time. Hope this helps.