Yep, that ain't no wild hog. That's a domestic meat pig. Not sure on weight,but it'll render PLENTY of pork!
That is a domestic pig that must have gotten out. It is definitely not wild yet. Easiest indicator are the ears. True feral hogs do not have any flappiness in their ears... HOWEVER, it will be feral soon lol...


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Could be an escapee from farm fence destroyed during storm


Hog is easily 200 lb... I'd say just above 250.

He makes my 80lb pits look small.

Shoot that sucker!!
I agree that this hog was once a domestic, but appears that someone let him out, probably due to the fact that they could no longer afford to feed him, but he is turning wild by the looks of his tail. He will go between 285-300 lbs. I would shoot'em too!
I'll bet that would be a fine eating pig! Any update on this pig? You ever able to connect with it?!