Hogs on Hannahatchee

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I'm considering going to one of the special hog-only hunts at the end of May and would appreciate opinions on which WMA would give me the best luck. Choices are...
  • Elmodel
  • Chickasawhatchee
  • Flint River
  • Hannahatchee
A GON article (Feb 2012?) recommended Flint River but second opinions are always appreciated.


Errata: the GON article recommends Chickasawhatchee, not Flint River
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Theres a lotta land at chicka. If its crowded it may push them around pretty good


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I was out a Chickasawhatchee today. Only saw one other vehicle there. Hunted down near Spring Creek and saw absolutely NADA for any fresh sign. Did find some Bambi Tracks that looked fresh but no Hog tracks. Brush has grown up out there pretty high. The Turkey's know their season is closed and were wondering around in the open.