Holidays are over-Get back to work Driveler #266.....

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Well I was putting wood in the Firefox and burned the top of my hand... When I jerked my hand back I hit the incision on the door latch😬
:eek: OUCH!!
Hey Nic? Put some of that away in a secret place, you may have special visitors tomorrow if things work out!
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::ke:you already have the kitchen sink in your set up!:rofl:

You are correct, but with those I could get rid of that kitchen sink. ;)

mrs. hornet22

Floor sweeper, dish washer
Knee deep in horse du fers for the party tomorrow. H22 doing duck poppers and back strap wrapped in bacon. I got a deer meat layered taco dip going on and some ranch oyster crackers. H22 dipped some pretzels in white chocolate and some peanut butta rice crispy treats for the sweet eaters. Artichoke dip and what ever the boy and girl bring. GON be fun! :banana::banana::banana:
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