Holidays are over-Get back to work Driveler #266.....

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Good Morning to you Quack, Wycliff, Blood and to the rest of the over-worked and underpaid Driveler Nation.

Dangit Blood, my hand is hurting for you BRO !!!

After reading back and seeing what a nice set-up that NIC has just makes me mad at myself now because this was the year that I was really hoping to visit with Him and Ms. Sheryl and their super nice Teepee and also be able see the entire festival. For now, it is still tough to get around easily and I can't drive that far for now either. Hopefully, I'll make it another few years or so and be able to experience that first hand.

Hopefully sometime soon, I will be able to get back onto my property up in the country BUT my Daughter said that I WON'T BE BY MYSELF ON THAT TRIP. She also said that the ground must be dried out a bunch before I can set foot on it too. I know that all of the critters have probably starved by now and must think that I have completely deserted them. All of them probably have relocated miles away in searching for a food source as well as there are no real food sources in close proximity. :banginghe:banginghe:banginghe
Good morning, someone start mainlining me some coffee.
morning EE

good night in about an hour to wybro and quack

I am on cup #3 as I have been working on computer to find the server. Hurry up and get a cup


Goblins juice hit an artery and got me stirred had to drop by the PF
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