Homemade feeder

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I made this out of a scrap barrel and a section of scrap 8” pvc I got from a Utility company. The top cover is a bucket bottom. I have the cover being held on by two 1/4 inch bolts with wing nuts. I sawed out a knotch for the corn to fall out. I drilled holes all around the barrel for rain water to drain.

I have it on test at home. If all works out I plan to place it in an area with deer but no pigs.

What do y’all think? 7417C8FF-8137-4E72-8A72-425282646454.jpeg


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You could always take a circular saw and cut slits in the bottom of that barrel. I did it with mine and they don’t clog as easy as the holes did. Allowed for more air flow also once the feed got wet. Just a suggestion.

Jim Boyd

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Love it, great work.

If there is a clogging concern just put a piece of 1/2” plywood, tin, etc - 15” x 36” under the drum. Call it an earth guard.

I would take a piece of 1” flat bar about 20” and weld two 15” sections of rebar to it at 90 degree angles (on either end) and just drive each rebar through the drum (and the earth guard) down into the ground. This will prevent most critters from moving the drum around on the ground.

Good ingenuity, Marvin!!
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Good suggestions Jim
I forgot to mention the are a couple of short flat iron pieces bolted under the barrel to make it stay upright.
There is also a bolt with wing nut holding the pipe to the Barrel.
I put a short section of 2x4 behind the pipe to allow it to stand away from the tree and allow easier top removal.
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Love the cart, too!
Yep. I like it too.
That thing is my go to vehicle for the woods pretty much. I still use ATV for the sprayer and spreader. I use the cart for general work and hunting.