Honeymoon locations?

For Mexico I'd look at Cabo San Lucas and Purto Vallarta. Cabo has fantastic fishing. Vallarta has jungle covered mountains right down to the ocean, it is really pretty.

Cancun is too developed and Americanized. Why go to Mexico and eat in American chain resturants?


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Swept Away in Jamaica (Negril) I think it is now owned by Couples, but used to be independent. All of the luxuries of an all inclusive resort, but much smaller and more intimate. Think bungalos vs. highrise.

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Thanks for the additional info fellas. Jim, I will get an agent to check for me. $2,000 is alot cheaper than the web prices.

Shannon, I am glad you mentioned Palace Resorts. One of my buddys told me about those resorts as well. Their Cancun resorts were top of my list except I want to check out Jim's place now too. Did you go to any others besides Moon Palace? The Sun Palace and a couple of others look promising too. Another guy has been to all and said the ones in Cancun are better and cheaper than St. Thomas, etc. I was pretty dead set against Jamaica but Sans Souci looks pretty good.


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SON, being a hilbilly from NE GA., you only have two choices.

Myrtle Beach or "The redneck riveara" Panama City :D

Just kiddin, make life easy on yourself. Take her where SHE wants to go. You might as well get used to it. ::ke:


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We spent one day at the Sun Palace for a free boat tour/coral reef snorkeling trip that was a part of our package. Whichever Palace resort you stay at you get the same benefits at all the other Palace resorts i.e. free food, drinks and anything else you can imagine. They have a daily tour bus going from one Palace resort to the others. Like I said before I would highly recommend the Palace resorts. Preferably the Moon Palace.




My Advice to you.........

Pick a very nice resort to go to.........

Take the love of your life with you.........

But, you don't have to get married to go on a trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DON'T DO IT DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST SAY "NO"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek: :eek: :eek:


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If'n you don't want to go out of country, one of the finest honeymoon resorts is in Georgia. The Clousters at Sea Island sure were nice when I tied the knot. Nice comfortable beds, great room service and a beach!