Hope SPRINGS eternal for the Granddaddy of all Go Dawgs thread #36

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GO DAWGS on this rainy Monday morning!
Go Dawgs!

It's a rainy monday but it's a good day to be a Dawg!
#1 D gave Jake fits for sure and messed his rhythm up some, but 1. No commitment to the run became the style both sides played.
2 It became a mostly pass game with the 1’s bringing that obvious pass play hard it’s a pass type rush.
Fromm also suffered from a few drops where he put the ball there and on time. Also the 1’s know the plays well.
Fields looks like the real deal.
I watched the replay last night. Looked like Fromm and the 1's were focusing on the passing game not to mention CKS was on the field yelling instructions which probably keyed the D.

I really liked Field's level of play. He is definitely a dual threat on the RPO plays.

It looks like Fromm has improved his long ball too. He threw a perfect long strike in the endzone in the 2nd qtr but it got stripped.:rolleyes:

Go Dawgs!
Fields also now knows he can't over power defenders like he could in HS by running thru them. He was at times closer to a battering ram than a QB.
We are a completely different looking team without Chubb and Michel.

Go Dawgs!
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Go Dawgs down in Norman Park. I heard SS rented a doublewide down there. SS is moving on up.
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