Hope SPRINGS eternal for the Granddaddy of all Go Dawgs thread #36

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Go Dawgs!
Go Dawgs headed to Miller Co. in sorrow.
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Jerry lived Georgia Football. Up until about 5 years ago he went to every single game Home and Away. He had a Bulldog Room, that had UGA Football items by the Hundreds in it, and a lot of it signed from a lot of UGA items. Coaches visited him and he was Friends with Lauren Smith. If I ever had a hard time getting a Game ticket, I would call him up and he would come through. My two boys were searching everywhere for SECG tickets and I told them to call Jerry, and he came through with club level seats for them. Even when he quit going to road games he made the trip to Home games, as long as he was physical able to do so. He even bought a home in Athens, just for the football season. He called me the night of the Rose Bowl, and was the happiest man in Georgia.

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Sorry to hear of your friend passing, Charlie. Sounds like he was a mighty fine man, and a DGD.

R.I.P Jerry! And just for Jerry...

Go Dawgs and R.I.P. Jerry. You were as good a DGD as they come.
Go Dawgs rounding the corner into Friday.
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With the traffic and trash floating rain, we made it to Troy Alabama today. Troy is nice and they got a great oyster bar.
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Go Dawgs stopping in Birmingham on the way down to see if any of them old boys wanted to go another round. Brown knows what I am talking about.
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