Hot spots

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I have a yellow lab that gets hot spots real bad every few years. Once in 2013 and this year. The thing is when he gets them, they spread fast. You treat one and by tomorrow he has 3 more places. I’ve had to take him to the vet both times to get them to shave around the areas and they gave me some spray that’s cleared them up in a couple weeks. We can’t figure out why he gets them though, it’s not like it’s a yearly occurrence or anything. I feed him high quality dog food, he comes inside in the AC whenever he wants to, his pen is shaded, he doesn’t have fleas or ticks because he’s on Advantage. I’m thinking of starting him on NuVet to see if that helps. My English bulldog is on it and it’s been great for him. I hadn’t even heard of it until the lady I got the bulldog from told me about it and I’ve used it ever since. Any other ideas or suggestions to prevent hot spots?
Robert, have you ever tried some antibiotics? When they pop on my old black lab I give her some antibiotics shots and it seems to help.
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The vet prescribed him some antibiotics and some anti-itch medicine along with some spray. Seems to be working as he's back to his old self, just keeping him inside for it to heal up enough. That's the part he hates because he's ready to stay outside and doesn't like going out in spurts to go to the bathroom and come right back in.