how do I keep deer out of my food plot..........

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I don't know if anyone has asked this question or not but what can I do to keep deer out of my food plot until it grows to its full potential. I'm open to suggestions:huh:


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Spray with hot sauce mix, or eggs and water or coyote urine.

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What did you plant, cause generally this time of year there is plenty of natural wild green for the to eat. They will not frequent food plots that heavily. If you planted some wheat or rye then it will just grow back if they eat it down.


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Liquid Fence. I bought mine from Tractor Supply. You can get the spray version or concentrate. Deer didn't touch my summer plot for over a month. The concentrate is best when mixed and you soak a nylon cord in it then run aroud the edge of the plot. I had smaller plots so I sprayed directly to the plant.
I always get an old shirt and pants and stuff them with straw and tie them up to a post near the food plot. I leave it for four to six weeks so the plot can mature. This has worked for me three years in a row and plus it's really inexpensive. Good luck!
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Thanks for yalls help. Those are some good idears. Im planting turnips and rape and Ive been putting alot of time and effort into it so I would at least like for it to grow as tall as it can and be there when deer season starts


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I saw a fence on Growing Deer TV that was about 3 foot tall and eletric. The fence was white which made the deer curios and they would touch there nose to it and it would shock them. So they would not cross it


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hair,, go by your local hair cutting place and have them save all the hair they sweep up and spread it around once a week, IT works !!! My grandpaw used to put it around his garden to keep the deer out