How do y'all hang your thermacell?

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Do you make some rig with duck tape or something? The directions say to keep it flat. Will it work OK hanging upright? Also, how far away from you do you hang it?


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I added a velcro cable tie. I can loop it and hang the thermacell just about anywhere... It's just a thin 1/4" wide 6 inch long strip of velcro... Picked up at Home Depot. Wonderful.. space age duct tape :cool:


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Laid mine flat on the foot piece of my climber and tied it down. It stayed there the whole time! Now problem. Worked like a charm.


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I have the holster for it. It has an adjustable strap for straping to your stand.
I had mine in my front pocket but I think I will hang it somewhere soon.

Do you think Deer can sense that? Once in a will it will smoke alittle I guess from getting heated up by the butane. It sure as heck works though.


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I use a small bungee cord stretched across the bottom of each of my lock on stands. I slide the Thermacell under it under may seat and it stays put. I also bungee it to the foot platform of my climbers. I dropped mine while climbing the Saturday morning. The camo made it a little difficult to find in the bushes!
I use the holster and you can either strap it to your stand or hang on a limb. It does not have to be lying flat in order for it to work.


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It may not have to lay flat but the instructions clearly say it will shorten it's life and void the warranty!


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i lay mine on the bottom platform of my climber right under my seat. on the API it will sit just fine without really needing anything to strap it down.


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on the treelounge, I just lay mine on the Bow Hunting Adapter (platform) and it works, but I should probably bungee it, it can be kicked off the platform pretty easily. On my ladder stand, I just lay it on the platform under the seat. Don't know what I'll do on my treelounge when rifle season comes in....I know I'll be taking that bow hunting adapter off though.
I just got mine Saturday night and just ordered the carry pouch for it.



I got a little piece of rope on mine that I tie to the stand.......

Then I lay it flat wherever I can.....

The rope is just incase I knock it off..... :p