How do you hunt the wind?

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I seem to be hunting more and more on windy days with no succcess. So do ya'll have any tricks up your camo?
put the wind into your face & good luck.No matter what wind in face .The wind here is circleing in all directions so its kinda hard to hunt.Deer get real spooky in prevaling & circling winds.
The old saying is
Fish from the west bite the best
Fish from the east bite the least.
Hunted this evening wind was blowing hard had 3 one doe and two yearlings directly down wind eating acorns the old doe picked me out she was standing at 10 yards when she did she knew something was not right but could not figure it out so she gave up and continued feeding got lucky this time does not always happen like that but i still had fun


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I try to have 2 stands on my best spot. One east and one west of the area I am hunting. Both to the south of the area. It's a pain to do and you can't always do it but will usually cover you no matter the wind.
The way the winds have been changing direction this week my strategy has been to stay away from my best spots! I'll get him when the conditions are better!

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its real hard alot of the time to keep the wind in you'r favor. my wife say's i am a fanatic when it comes to my hunting clothes. around the middle of sept. i start washing all of my everyday clothes in scent killer. there is no use in wearing scent free hunting clothes over something that smells like downy. after washing all of my hunting clothes and everything else that is made of fabric they stay in a black garbage bag or some other scent free bag . i do not wear them inside of my home at any time. most of the time i put my hunting clothes on when i get to the woods.sometimes i will get dressed on my front porch towards the end of season.i never ever wear my hunting clothes or foot wear to town or to get gas or around a smoker. and also try to use scent killer spray and cover scent. im sure there are others that agree with me and others will say im crazy but it works for me. i wanted to add i dont have a thing against someone that smokes .a good friend of mine say he checks the wind by the smoke off of his salem lights .lol. and he usually kills one or two big bucks every year.

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wind detection tricks :

How many days do we go hunt and wind is barely blowing ? slight breeze 1-5 mph . Thats nothing .
Im a non smoker but I carry a Bic lighter in my pack . A flame will tell you instantly which way the slightest breeze is coming from .

when hunting field pockets --get as high as you can to eliminate getting detected by swirls and thermals in the back of the pocket . Sometime 15-18 ft just isnt enuf . I try to get 25-30 .

edit : for anyone hunting outside the immediate South east wind is a big problem to over come . If the wind is blowing 15-20 mph in Ga --Im staying home . In the Midwest 15-20 mph is just a regular day in the woods --Im there like white on rice .
prime example : I had 2 guys hunt with me from Bama in Illinois several yrs ago '' neither had hunted there before ''--- The wind was blowing about 25 mph . They said there was no way deer moved in that stuff , they didnt even go out and stayed in camp drinkin beer --- I saw about 30 deer that day from my stand that afternoon . Big diff in regional locations / wind / deer movement .
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Try putting out alot of doe scent (like Tink's). The wind will help get that smell out to other deer that are interested. I have had deer come in on me with their nose to the air from downwind on days like this.