How many have ever had to deal with DFCS?

Have you ever really had to deal with DFCS?

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  • Don't matter...the gov't ain't gonna tell me how to be a parent.

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I saw the thread in the Political Forum about Corporal Punishment and all the "tough love" comments and all the various other comments about the government is not going to tell me this or that...well let me tell you...what the government can and will do is make your life miserable if they choose to do so and there literally is nothing you can do about it...regardless of circumstance...So I many here have actually had to deal with the "system" and have had to experience first hand what the laws have enabled the state to do with regard to a child...? I ask because I had the same supposed "tough guy" mentality and in the end there is nothing you can do except keep your mouth shut if you do not want to lose professional licensure, your driver's license and everything else...

I have the sad experience of having dealt with DFCS on a personal level...not about my own child but a step child and I have watched a case unfold in its entirety and have seen the ins and outs...I tell ya...there is a fine line between what is mandatorily required to be reported and what is honest to goodness discipline...and what is truly in the best interest of the child...then you have to consider the idiots that the state contracts with to do all the so called follow up that happens once a kid has gotten involved with the "system"...yes...a kid at risk needs help but where is the line and why does the state not do enough to follow up to make certain that once an intervention has been done that the kid is kept on the correct path?...

There is no easy answer given the world that we as a society have allowed to come into is sad because DFCS will allow kids to be everything from robbers to sexual predators and what do we do?

Offer whatever comments you want as I am real curious to hear them...
I have dealt with DFACS with my stepson, due to his father. It is an experience. That is the best words I can find to describe it.
Yes, in that I was a child protective service investigator. The other side of the street. It all depends on the worker you get assigned to unfortunately. I used to have a lady call me every time she had to spank her child to let me know ahead of time, because the school (Telfair County) would report the "abuse" after the child (teenager) got to school.
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The poll question is very broad.

I've dealt with them on several different levels.
Well, narrow it down and share whatever you would like...I was just curious because I notice a lot of folks in the other thread that made it sound like the government would in no way tell them what to do and having dealt with DFCS before based on my experience, they will make you comply or your life will be miserable...

It is one seriously screwed up agency without a doubt...little resource to work with, rampant fraud and basic apathy on the part of many of the social workers...


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2 cases.

When my son was 14, he thought he was too big for a spanking (not a beating) and said he would call DFACS. I told him to go ahead because he WAS getting a spanking and to pack his bags because if DFACS came to the house, he was leaving with them and I hoped they found him a good home.:bounce:

Next case, actual DFACS involvement.
A family near our church lived in terrible conditions; filth, neglect, etc. The 6 year-old boy was mowing on a riding mower pulling a wagon with his 4 year-old sister in it. He backed up, running over her and almost severing her leg. When the ambulance arrived, their parents did not even go to the hospital!! My wife and I took in the 2 year-old twins for a month after the mom was basically forced to care for the hurt child. We called DFACS and had them inspect the living conditions. We also shared our strong suspicion of sexual abuse due to the girl twin's screaming fits anytime she was in a room alone with a male. To the best of my knowledge, no action was ever taken even though we pursued the situation all the way to the state level.

Seems to me they too often go overboard over the little stuff and don't do much if anything where real help is needed.


We were falsely accused of child abuse a year ago. Want to know the funny part? The person that turned us in, did it just because she was mad at us. Know what else? There is no law protecting the accused. You can call in an report someone, even if its a false report, and you cant get in trouble.

We still had to go thru the mandatory 45 day investigation. The day before my hysterectomy we were called into the dfcs office. We had to strip the children, nathan was 3, the baby was 8 months. There were no bruises or marks on either of the children. We also had to consent to drug test. WHich we passed. We had to give them a list of references to vouch for our character. A crock of bull. I have never felt so violated in my life. It was really scary as well.

The worker made one trip to the house, told me how nice and clean the house was, how clean the children were, she told me that I was doing a great job!!!! She even told me I needed to discipline the 3 year old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After all of this being said, still had to do the 45 day thing. It was closed on the 46th day. Havent heard from them since.

Also, even though it was a false accusation made on us, we still have that on record with DFCS. Its embarassing.

It seems like they crap on the ones that need help, and help the ones that dont need it. All of that time wasted on us, there was another child somewhere that actually needed their help. Sad.


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My wife and I are foster parents. We've dealt with them on all levels, good and bad.